Hyuna Comeback On the 28th.. After 1 Year And 2 Months

2021.01.08 페이스북 트위터

Singer Hyuna is making a comeback after a year and two months.

On the 8th, her agency, P Nation, released a new teaser image of Hyuna through the official SNS. Through this, the protagonist of 'COMING UP NEXT' was revealed as Hyuna at 6 pm on January 28, when Psy, the head of P Nation, announced a surprise attack.

In the flyer of 'COMING UP NEXT', which Psy spread in the background of the broadcasting station, there was a picture of Hyuna. In her image, Hyuna attracts her attention with her colorful background and intense eyes in her hip styling.

With this, Hyuna returns to her music industry after a year and two months after her 'FLOWER SHOWER' released in November 2019. Hyuna, who postponed her comeback once last year, is expected to melt her unique confidence in her new album with a healthy look again.

Written by Gong Mina
Translated by Lee So Yun

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