Black Pink 'Lovesick Girls' Concept Revealed

2020.10.01 페이스북 트위터

A teaser video that gives a glimpse of the concept of'Lovesick Girls', the title song of the group's first studio album, has been released.

YG Entertainment posted a concept teaser video for the title son'Lovesick Girls' on the official blog at 4 pm on the 28th.

Black Pink appeared with their shoulders leaning against each other in a quiet space where only road noise was heard. Jisoo, Jenny, Rosé, and Lisa exude a unique styling and dark aura, but with a lonely glance, they exude a strange sensibility.

Then the country-style guitar performance and dreamy sound began, predicting the swirling emotional line of black pink. It is a short video of about 25 seconds, but a youth movie like atmoshpere is impressive, raising the expectations of fans for th'Lovesick Girls' euphemism and the music video.

Written by Lee Jung Ho
Translated by Lee So Yun

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