What Happened to Nam Tae Hyun?

2020.02.13 페이스북 트위터


Nam Tae-hyun of band South Club made fans worry about his unstable appearance on SNS Live. Fortunately, Nam Tae-hyun seems to have stabilized.

Nam Tae-hyun communicated with fans through his Instagram Live on the 10th. He did not hide his affection for fans and said, "I really missed you. I know there are people around me who are hypocritical, but I live because of Dalmuri (name of Nam Tae Hyun's Fan club). I am sorry to my fans and colleagues in the entertainment world. ”

Afterwards, Nam Tae-hyun's comments and actions caused the fans to somewhat perplexed. He mentioned his former group Winner, knelt and saying he was sorry. 

He also said that "I take 12 tablets a day" and even took a medicine during Live. 

After all, Nam Tae-hyun said, “I'm sorry for making you worried for a few days. I will greet you with South Band music. I will try my best to love and care for you.Thank you everyone who cares and worries about me".

Nam Tae-hyun in the entertainment industry had lots of ups and donws. As a member of YG's popular idol Winner, he gained a lot of fandom, but since then, his dating rumor with another artist and health problems have overlapped, and he could no longer stay in Winner. 

Written by Yoon Sang Geun
Translated by Lee So Yun

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